2005 Program

Martinez, California to Shizuoka, Japan

During the summer of 2005 sixteen students and two chaperones visited Shizuoka, and where hosted by Mishimakita High School and Yoshiwara High School. During their stay they enjoyed the opportunity to experience home hospitality, learning the local customs, foods and making new special friends in the process. They attended daily classes at the schools, where they learned Japanese calligraphy, karate, archery and participated in various other activities. During the weekends they went on day trips to various places, including Tokyo and Kyoto, with their host families.


"Through this trip, Japan has become my second home.  I have grown deep connections with the people I have met and lasting relationships with my new friends and family.  I will never forget the wonderful people I have encountered or the valuable lessons I have learned."

Ryan, Student, Martinez High School

"It was a great learning experience for all ages.  There are not only cultural experiences, but social and living experiences.  I loved living with a different family.  The people in Japan were so nice to me." 

Samantha, Student, Martinez High School

Palos Verdes, California to Shizuoka, Japan

During the summer of 2005 eight students and two chaperones visited Shizuoka, alongside the Martinez group, and where hosted by the Nichidai-Mishima High School. They also had the opportunity to experience home hospitality, experiencing firsthand what the local customs, foods, culture and rituals were. Their daily school schedule included activities like Japanese calligraphy, martial arts, a day trip to Tokyo, a visit to an attraction park with roller coasters, a stay at a beautiful Japanese lodge and other fun activities.

"At first things were difficult especially with the language barrier but after a short introduction period our true personalities began to show. I began to feel so comfortable that it was as if they had become my family.  Living in another culture enabled me to realize how much life can change just across the ocean. I leave this trip sad but glad. I’m glad to have experienced something that has truly changed my life yet sad to leave my new friends and family." 

Robert, student, Palos Verdes High School

"Many of the customs and polite phrases I had learned helped me throughout my day. And occasionally I would surprise my host family because I knew something they thought I did not know.  Observing and living with my host family helped my communication skills and socialize which for me is very hard.  I hope I will be able to see my host family again since I’ve gotten so close to both them and their friends."

Arianna, student, Palos Verdes High School

Osaka, Japan to Elk Grove, California:

Elk Grove High School students welcomed their friends from Japan to their hometown for two weeks. Students and chaperones from Osaka had the opportunity to experience the California lifestyle, while staying with host families, the students attended classes at Sheldon High, studying the English language, and California’s history and government. Organized cultural activities included visits to San Francisco, the Japanese Consular residence, the California State Capitol and the State Railroad Museum, among many other activities.


"The program is a great tool in integrating cultures and helping everyone involved succeed in expanding their range of knowledge.  In addition, it has also helped me to establish many new friendships which I hope will last throughout my lifetime.  As long as the program continues to thrive, the students are being offered a true opportunity of a lifetime." 

David, Student, Elk Grove Unified School District

"Before my visit to America I was worried about feeling homesick and that I would not enjoy staying with a host family.  However, my family was very nice and I made many new good friends, now I do not want to go back home.  I understand English much better now and I have learned many new things about California."

Tomoyo, Student, Senri High School, Osaka, Japan



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