The California-Japan Scholars Program was established in 1997 to “correct the imbalance of understanding” between Japan and California. Since 1997, the California International Relations Foundation, through the contributions of private corporations, has sponsored nearly 600 Japanese and Californian “cultural ambassadors.” In order for future business leaders to be globally competitive, they need to gain knowledge of foreign cultures, languages, governments, and economics. This program provides California's young people with an opportunity to study in a foreign environment. It also assists with arrangements for foreign students visiting California, to ensure that they leave with good feelings toward our state and its people.

“For young Californians, early interaction with Japan provides a wealth of opportunity. For some it is a gateway to Asian culture and the chance to draw contrasts with an education grounded in non-western civilization. For others, it's a chance to observe, wonder and compare societies that differ much from our own.”

Cruz M. Bustamante
Former Lieutenant Governor of California

“Each person who takes part in the exchange program will come away with memories they will keep forever. I would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge everyone involved in making the Scholars Program such a success. Producing this event requires intensive planning and a sense of open communication between our two educational systems.”

Yoshitomo Kurokawa, Superintendent
Osaka Prefectural Board of Education


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