Student Responses

Photo credit: Daren Eiri, 2004 participant

“I feel that this trip was truly remarkable. It was educational yet fun. Everything I did was always demonstrating a different aspect of Japanese day-to-day life or history. I really enjoyed my trip, everything was perfect: the family, the school, especially the food! If I had a chance to go again, I would take it.”

Daniel Cabrera
Elk Grove Unified School District, CA


“ Two weeks was too short! It seemed that we had only just arrived in Sacramento and we had to start saying good-bye. The Scholars Exchange Program was my first trip abroad. Even though I couldn't speak English so well, my host family was very nice to me. They made me feel comfortable and made the effort to bring up all kinds of topics we could talk about.”

Naoko Nakamura
Ibaraki High School, Ibaraki, Japan


“ My impressions about the Japanese people were changed very much. They are more like us than we are led to believe by popular media and news. My stay in Japan was extremely enjoyable, the people are friendly, the food is great and I felt comfortable everywhere.”

Jamal Cool
Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco, CA


“ I really enjoyed my stay in Japan. This program eliminated the generalizations that we are led to believe about the people of Japan.”

Ian MacLeod
West Hills High School, La Mesa, CA


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