1998 Program

In 1998, the program conducted its first bilateral exchange. The Foundation designated a coordinator to oversee selection of California participants. Then in June and July, two separate groups of high school students had the opportunity to visit three prefectures in Japan: Chiba, Iwate, and Aomori. Each group was afforded an experience to explore various sites in Tokyo before departing to their host prefecture. While in the prefectures, both the students and chaperones were provided with the opportunity to spend time with families and participate in local activities.

The second program involved the incorporation of a number of organizations – civic, governmental, educational and social – to welcome 100 high school students from Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Host families were arranged for the 100 students and 6 teacher chaperones for a two-week period in the Elk Grove area where they experienced their first hot and dry Sacramento summer, while participating in the many activities which had been organized for them. Some of the activities included a trip to Yosemite, a tour of the State Capitol and day trips to San Francisco and they Stanford/Santa Clara, and regularly attended summer school classes.

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