International Delegations

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March 28, 2016


The Honorable Don Harwin, President of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of New South Wales, Australia visited the California State Capitol to strengthen ties between California and New South Wales.  While here, he met with legislators, including Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León, and briefly addressed the Senate during floor session.  Our regions have shared a sister state relationship since 1997.  

March 8, 2016


The Honorable Miguel Fraga, First Secretary at the Embassy of Cuba in Washington, D.C., was recognized on the Floor during Senate session by the Honorable Isadore Hall, III.  Secretary Fraga was in Sacramento to promote relations between California and Cuba. 

March 3, 2016


The Honorable Brandon Lee and the Honorable James Villeneuve, Consuls General of Canada in San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively, visited Sacramento to celebrate the annual Canada in the Capitol.  In addition to hosting various events and activities highlighting the close relationship between California and Canada, the Consuls also met with legislators and attended Senate session, where Consul General Lee delivered a brief address.  

October 27, 2015:


His Excellency Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai, accompanied by Dr. Mansoor A. Al Osaimi, Director of the Legislation Directorate, and His Excellency Abdulla Ali Al Saboosi, Consul General of the United Arab Emirates in Los Angeles, visited Sacramento to study government and legislative processes in California, and to learn about ways to increase trade and relations between California and the United Arab Emirates.  

April 30, 2015:


Senators Richard Pan, Connie M. Leyva, Tony Mendoza and Janet Nguyen pose with the Honorable Jayanta Malla Baruah (center l), member of the Assam Legislative Assembly, the Honorable Harsh Sanghavi (center), member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly and Mr. Ganesh Kumar (center r), president of the Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress, after their introduction on the Senate Floor. The three officials from India were in Sacramento to learn about the separation of powers within U.S. government.

February 19, 2015:


The Honorable Liduvina Magarin, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Salvadorans Abroad, met with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León during her visit to Sacramento to discuss California and Salvadoran relations.

August 18, 2014:


Eight Councillors (members) from the National Diet (parliament) of Japan and the newly established Japan-California Parliamentary Friendship were recognized on the Senate floor.  Their visit to California was to revitalize the relationship between Japan and the US through discussions regarding education, politics and the economy. 

June 19, 2014:


Twelve members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (JCCNC) and the Japan Business Association of Southern California (JBA) were recognized on the floor during Senate session, after participating in their annual trip to the Capitol to discuss trade and investment opportunities.  

June 18-19, 2014:


The Honorable Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge from Catalonia, Spain, visited the Capitol and was recognized, along with eleven other government officials, on the Senate floor.  The purpose of his visit was to further develop the relationship between Catalonia and California.

May 27, 2014:


Ten members from the Parliament of Pakistan were recognized on the Senate floor during their visit to the Capitol, where they studied the social, political and economic issues of the State, as well as oversight and accountability within government. 

May 15, 2014:


Mr. Jacek Kastelaniec, Director General of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation in Poland, was introduced during Senate floor session.  His visit to the Capitol focused on meeting with members, and raising awareness about the Foundation and its work of preserving the memory of the Holocaust. 

May 15, 2014:


The Honorable Ana del Carmen Valenzuela, Consul General of El Salvador in San Francisco, and The Honorable Walter Eduardo Durán Martinez, Consul General of El Salvador in Los Angeles, were recognized on the Senate floor.  They visited the Capitol to meet with legislators and further develop the relationship between El Salvador and California. 

March 24, 2014:


Ten European Parliament staff members from the European Union were recognized during Senate floor session.  They visited the Capitol to study issues related to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).  

February 6, 2014:


The Honorable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia, Canada, was recognized during Senate floor session and addressed the Members of the Senate from the Dais.  She was accompanied by three staff members.  

February 3, 2014:


Mr. Emmanuel Audelo Enriquez, Arts advocate and U.S. State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program Gold Star Alumnus, was introduced during Senate floor session.  His visit to the Capitol was to develop and promote greater cultural understanding and exchange, and build a stronger cross-border partnership with California. 


July 11, 2013:


The Honorable Salvador Barajas Del Toro, Representative of Mexico's National Congress, was recognized during Senate session.  His visit contributed to an even stronger partnership between our two regions.


July 8, 2013:


Two Members of Parliament from the African National Congress were introduced during Senate session.  The Honorable Faith Muthambi and the Honorable Judith Tshabalala visited the Capitol to gain insight into various means of innovating youth-oriented vocational education, financial entrepreneurship, job creation and investment opportunities.


June 12, 2013:


Twelve members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (JCCNC) and the Japan Business Association of Southern California (JBA) participated in their annual trip to the Capitol to discuss trade and investment opportunities.  They were recognized during Senate floor session.


April 19, 2013:


Five distinguished women from Israel, who are leaders and activists in in politics, government and media, were introduced during Senate floor session.  They visited the Capitol to explore women's political leadership in the United States and the constitutional safeguards that recognize and protect women's rights.



 Apirl 1, 2013:


The Honorable Grigor Hovhannissian, Consul General of Armenia in Los Angeles, was recognized during Senate session and addressed the Members of the Senate. 

 Canada 3-14-13

March 14, 2013:


The Honorable Cassie Doyle, Consul General of Canada in San Francisco and The Honorable David Fransen, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles, accompanied by Constable Deanna Alford of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were introduced during Senate session recognizing the 7th annual "Canada Day in the Capitol".

 Kurdistan, Iraq

March 11, 2013:


Seven Members of Parliament from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq spent three days at the State Capitol hoping to gain a better understanding of the three branch structure of our government and a variety of other policy issues, including education, freedom of information and human trafficking.

Consul of India

April 23, 2012:


The Honorable N. Parthasarathi, Consul General of India in San Francisco, and the Honorable Kumar Tuhin, Deputy Consul General, paid a courtesy call to the Senate and were introduced during floor session.


March 26, 2012:


Four Members of the Mexican National Senate, led by The Honorable Silvano Aureoles Conejo, Vice President of the Senate, were recognized during Senate floor session.  The purpose of their visit was to continue dialogue regarding the many mutual points of interest between California and Mexico.


March 20, 2012:


Fourteen women leaders from Europe discuss models that support expansion of opportunities for women business owners with Senator Noreen Evans.


September 28, 2011:


Members of the Vietnam National Assembly, led by Vice Presient Huynh Ngoc Son, met with Senator Darrell Steinberg.  The purpose of the visit was to foster enhanced ties with local jursidictions.

June 20, 2011:


Thirteen women leaders from the Near East and North Africa visited the State Capitol to explore women's invovlement in business, law, politics, entrepreneur strategies, eudcation, health care, agriculture, and volunteer efforts.   

June 7, 2010:  


The U.S. Ambassador of Portugal, His Excellency Joao de Vallera paid a protocol visit to the Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.  The purpose of his California visit  was to take part in commemorating Portuguese Heritage Month, as declared by SCR 79, authored by Senator Jeff Denham.

May 26, 2010:          


California and China’s mutual interests were the topic of discussion during a meeting between SOIR Director Ezilda Samoville and Mr. Wang Yin, President of the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel. 

photo of Candelaria visit

May 18, 2010:


Alma Candelaria (center, left), Director, International Visitor Leadership Program, U.S. Department of State, paid a vist to the California State Capitol.  Ezilda Samoville, Greg Schmidt and Shannon Shellenberg welcomed Ms. Candelaria to the Senate Chamber.

Photo of Indian cartonist

May 10, 2010:          


Mr. Neelabh Banerjee, National Editor of Art and Illustrations for the Times of India in New Delhi, is introduced in the Senate Chamber. Mr. Banerjee was in Sacramento to better understand political humor and the relationships between government and media in California. 

Senator Cedillo's introduction video

May 6, 2010:            


Senator Leland Yee introduces Malaysian government officials and NGO leaders who work to combat human trafficking.  The purpose of their visit to the State Capitol was to bring awareness to this global problem and to study California’s efforts to stop such crime, including improved detection, prosecuting perpetrators, and assisting victims.

Senator Yee's introduction video

group photo on floor

March 22, 2010:


Senator Gloria Romero introduces a delegation of Iraq women visiting the State Legislature during their U.S. leadership training program.  The distinguished visitors hold elected office or positions of leadership in their communities.  The purpose of their visit to the State Capitol was to explore California women’s involvement in business, law, political participation, education and healthcare. 

Senator Romero's introduction video

Iraq Delegation Photos

March 1, 2010:


Senator Christine Kehoe welcomes the Honorable Julian Evans, British Consul General in San Francisco, th the Senate Chamber.  The Consul General visited the Senate to further strengthen relationships between the Golden State and the United Kingdom.

Senator Kehoe's introduction video


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