Welcome to the Senate Office of International Relations

The California Senate Office of International Relations (SOIR) was established in 1987 by the Senate Rules Committee.  Our mission is to assist Senators in furthering strong economic and diplomatic ties between California and the rest of the world. International delegations are welcomed to the State Capitol in a manner befitting the protocol of the California Senate to further enhance respect, mutual understanding and cooperation between the governments of guest visitors and the Golden State.

For three decades, the SOIR has been helping representatives of foreign governments, businesses, media outlets and academic institutions to gain a better understanding of California and its governance.  The SOIR welcomes global visitors, year-round, to the historic Capitol and the Senate Chamber where California’s democratic legislative and budgetary procedures take place.   Additionally, the SOIR facilitates diplomatic relationships with foreign peoples and governments and continues to maintain these valued partnerships and exchanges.  

Due to its exceptional resources and distinctions, California is rightfully recognized as a global force and is merited as one of the ten largest economic entities in the world.  The state’s recognition as a significant participant in world trade and international affairs is also due to California’s worldwide reputation as a center for advanced university studies and the pinnacle of the high-tech and bio-tech industries.  At the same time, the Golden State is becoming a global leader in the development of emerging green-technologies.  Furthermore, California’s rich history, coupled with a diverse population, innovative spirit and democratic values, continue to intrigue global visitors.

The SOIR hopes this website will be useful to interested parties seeking to learn more about the California State Senate’s commitment to promoting representative governance and economic, educational and cultural relations between California and nations throughout the world.