Region: Taiwan
Location: Island in the western Pacific Ocean that lies roughly 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of southeastern China
Major Cities: Taipei, the Capital, and Kaohshiung
Population: 23,864,294 people (2021)
Area: 35,980 km2 
Principal Industries: Traditionally the region was known for labor intensive industries but is steadily moving toward capital- and technology-intensive industries.  It has been called one of the Asian "Tigers."

Government Structure:

  • Semi-presidential republic
  • Executive Branch consists of a Chief of State (President), Head of Government (Premier) and the cabinet (executive Yuan). The President and Premier are elected on the same ballot every 4 years (eligible for a second term).
  • Legislative Branch is unicameral: 113 seats (73 members directly elected in single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote, 34 directly elected in a single island-wide constituency by proportional representation vote, and 6 directly elected in multi-seat aboriginal constituencies by proportional representation vote); members serve 4-year terms.
  • Judicial Branch (see World Factbook below for information)

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Top view of Jiufen Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan

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