2010 Program

 Elk Grove, California to Osaka, Japan

The Elk Grove School District sent 30 students and 3 chaperons to Osaka, Japan from June 2-June 16, 2010. The students stayed with host families and attended classes at three different high schools across this majestic city. While there, they studied the Japanese language, history, government, calligraphy, Japanese cooking, washi paper dyeing, and many other activities. Organized cultural outings included visits to Kyoto, Nara, and to other impressive venues. During the weekends the host families took the students individually to other special places as well.


Program Reflections

“This program was incredible:  I experienced a fascinating culture within Japan, made new friends with terrific people, and (most importantly) became a part of a whole new household I am both honored and humbled to call my second family.  I am excited to both visit again as well as, hopefully, show my new family America one day.”                                  

Becky, Student


“Going to Osaka was the most amazing experience of my life.  I have never been more motivated to continue to study the Japanese language and pursue my dream of attending college in Japan.”

Daniel, Student


“This exchange program has given me the opportunity of a lifetime and participating in it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I have experienced Japanese culture firsthand, made lifelong friends, strengthened my Japanese, and have learned how to break communication barriers.  I can only hope that others will take the same step forward.”

Linh, Student


“It was another enlightening and humbling experience to participate in this year’s California-Japan Scholars Program as a chaperone for Elk Grove Unified School District’s high school students.  As always, everyone from Osaka prefectural government staff, sister school principals, teachers, host students and families welcomed us with enthusiasm.  They provided our students with a variety of opportunities to interact with their Japanese students. I am appreciative for everything they have done for our students.  I believe participating in this program at their age will help the students from both California and Japan become true global citizens by allowing them to learn the importance and joy of being able to understand and appreciate cultural differences from a bilateral viewpoint.

Ms. Kozuma, teacher 

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